Clustered hosting for high availability, performance and scalability.

SERVER CLUSTER: A smart way to host

Private Cluster (T1)
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Private Cluster (T2)
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Private Cluster (T3)
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Private Cluster (T4)
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Clusters connect several dedicated servers, providing more cost-efficient ways to achieve higher levels of performance and availability.

Database Clusters
Keep databases consistent and available at all times.

Active-passive database clusters provide high availability provided by access to centralized storage and failover to redundant hot copies of data in the event of an active database failure.

Load Balancing
Keep applications available at all times.

Load balancing distributes traffic across servers, increases capacity, improves server performance, and provides failover redundancy in the event of hardware or application failure.

The latest software, solutions, and expertise.

PCIS Professional Services leverages the latest private cloud software, training, resources, and expertise from partners such as Microsoft, and VMware to deliver world-class virtualization expertise.

Benefits of Promethean Cluster Hosting

Automated Disaster Recovery Testing

Tests both failover and replication configurations without affecting the Primary Environment. This can be done periodically to test the cluster configuration so as to know how it would function in the event of an actual disaster.

Advanced Virtual Machine Support

You can easily migrate a virtual machine from a standalone host to a cluster or from one cluster to another cluster with absolute guarantee of application compatibility.

Comprehensive Hardware and Platform Support

Using the same tool across platforms reduces training, administrative, and hardware costs

Available across any distance

Builds both local and remote clusters for disaster recovery and local availability. Since it’s a cloud service, it can be accessed from anywhere at any time.


With security in mind, our cluster hosting platform is designed to protect your data through multiple layers of protection. We offer security features such as firewall protection, server monitoring, and server backup in the case of server failure. We also offer advanced features such as brute force protection.

Multi-cluster Management and Report

Manages and reports on multiple local and remote clusters from a single console


This is a single account for a united group of servers. This service provides RAM, IP addresses, CPUs, HDDs, etc. Clients can now split these resources into units. This setup ensures high availability, load balancing, scalability, consistency, reliability, and redundancy. Cluster hosting is similar to cloud hosting in that an application can use the resources of many machines on demand, increasing scalability. PCIS Cluster hosting reduces planned and unforeseen downtime.. Cluster Servers increase the availability of an application or database by monitoring their status and moving them to another server in the event of a malfunction. Through our user-friendly web interface, teams can access, install, and update apps while keeping data secure and safe on these servers

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