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Promethean Storage Hosting is a private cloud storage solution that lets you save and share files from any device. Cloud storage supports files and blocks storage. File storage allows you to share and sync personal and business files, while Block storage stores large unstructured data for retrieval or archiving. With our cloud storage options, you can configure file storage for your team and protect data.

With our complete content collaboration platform, you can store, share, and edit documents alone or with others, take notes during audio/video chats and merge tasks and calendars. Teams can collaborate on documents, calendars, and projects while on the go through our user-friendly web interface.


Benefits of Promethean Storage Hosting

We deliver turn-key IT delivery, providing best-in-class technologies at a tremendous value compared to competing solutions.

Individual files or folders can be shared with selected individuals across accounts, or with any other person via a URL link, with the sender having a great deal of control over the process. They can, for example, set an expiry date for the link, require a password to open the sent file, attach a note, and so on. With this feature, you can access all the data in your organization, no matter where it is.

With this feature, you can enable files to be synced across devices or shared among team members. This provides functionality that manages file syncing between both PC and mobile devices to ensure files are up to date no matter who or what devices they are updated on.

Users and staff can also collaborate on files using a third-party tool, Collabora Online, this third-party office suite supports all major documents, spreadsheets, and presentation file formats. Users can also receive updates when files have been updated, added, deleted, or moved. This feature allows users to edit and collaborate in real-time.

With security in mind, our storage platform is designed to protect user data through multiple layers of protection, we offer security features such as 2FA, file access control, and server monitoring. We also offer advanced features such as brute force protection, video verification, and end-to-end and server-side encryption.

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