Cloud Hosting in Africa that Meets International Standards!

PCIS deploys cloud infrastructure solutions that have been providing Software Defined Data Center Services to organizations around the world including Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Mauritius, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. 

Our flagship products, Cloud Datacenter, simplifies data center operations, streamlining the deployment, management, and scaling of data center resources. 

The solutions deliver turn-key IT delivery, providing best-in-class technologies at tremendous value compared to competing solutions.

 By integrating infrastructure and cloud-enabling services as a shared or dedicated utility. Each solution is designed and tailored to the client’s needs, providing answers to specific issues and adding the capability to scale and expand, according to the client’s commercial needs.

Self-service & Managed Services

We provide assistance with every aspect of technology, including setup, optimization, safety precautions, backups, migrations, and more.


We'll ensure you get the hosting plan that best meets your needs. And it's not a problem if your needs alter along the way. Anytime is a good moment to update or downgrade.

Competitive Pricing

We provide you with all of the hosting options offered by the major hosting providers, but we do so for less money and with service that far surpasses theirs.

Verified Uptime

99.98% service availability driven by strict Service Level Agreement (SLAs). There is no downtime. We are always online.


We Provide Cloud Hosting Solutions

PCIS conforms with full compliance to the international best practice standard for IT Service Management

Leverage on Hybrid Cloud for scaling workload with Minimal IT budget. The Hybrid Cloud package allows for smooth workload transfer between our private cloud and yours as new computing requirements arise. Hybrid cloud give businesses greater flexibility and more service deployment options.

PCIS is a certified solution provider in Nigeria and provides customers with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) products that are dynamically scaled to meet the ever changing business needs of Nigerian businesses.

We offer a simple and cost-effective way to protect and secure workloads.For the purposes of business continuity, you can use this package to mirror your whole workload (data application, OS, and VMs with accompanying network configurations).

This service offers a broad selection of software licenses with a subscription model that customers can utilize for their PCIS deployments.

Turn your own infrastructure into a managed private cloud with all the benefits of the cloud while keeping your workload in-house.

Questions about Hosting

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